Episode 38

Bread is not Chicken

Rich people are making money from soccer/football - shock, horror. It's making politicians compete for who can be on the electorate's side the most.

Money is everywhere, particularly in BTS and McDonald's pockets, at they collaborate on a meal deal being launched across the globe - even though BTS is hardly scoffing burgers. It's a chicken nugget meal. Real meat, unlike fake chicken which, according to TikTok, you can just make with flour and water.

In royal news, and thanks to a question posed by an actual listener, we discuss the funeral of The Duke of Edinburgh and whether Prince Charles can not be king.

Is the UK about to go to war with Russia? We discuss how Gen Z is bringing back the Cold War, mullets and stone-washed jeans.

This episode is a bit of a random collection of thoughts, but fun anyway.

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