Episode 18

Dickens wants his Scrooge back

Published on: 8th December, 2020

When we say humans exhaust me, read Paul exhausts me.

In this episode we discover Paul's true feelings towards the Christmas spirit.

SPOILER: He's not bothered.

Don't all go throwing glitter at him, it won't work. Don't send him a Christmas card. What he wants is a simple Nordic Christmas - whatever that is.

Phylecia, on the other hand, she loves to give a gift, preferably one that the recipient will really enjoy alone.

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Did you ever imagine what the last couple of years would be like? Yeah, so did we. Was it what we envisioned? Er, nope.

Whether it's Covid-19, systemic racism, politics, celebrities or the general public, there's a lot of disappointment in our veins.

Come and share in our woe - it'll be therapeutic. But be warned, this is not an objective show.

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