Episode 95

Letters to the Kids: How to fall in love

Published on: 1st June, 2022

Frankly, we're tired of what's going on in the world. We know this entire show is predicated on the premise of humans being completely exhausting, but we need a bit of light in all the darkness.

We catch up on the news, briefly and then launch our mini series for the month of June: Letters to the Kids where we share our Gen X wisdom for the Gen Z kids out there. They will take no notice whatsoever, but at least it makes us feel like we're contributing to society.

In this episode, we look at how to fall in love.

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Humans Exhaust Me
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Did you ever imagine what the last couple of years would be like? Yeah, so did we. Was it what we envisioned? Er, nope.

Whether it's Covid-19, war, systemic racism, politics, celebrities or the general public, there's a lot of disappointment in our veins.

Come and share in our woe - it'll be therapeutic. But be warned, this is not an objective show.

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