Episode 69

RV Park Drama

Published on: 23rd November, 2021

COVID rates are soaring in Europe. Will the UK be protected by a token bit of water? We consider whether the UK government's strategy will be proved to have been the right one after all.

It's a tense week in the US, and none more so than in Alabama RV parks where Phylecia and her husband are living through a real life soap opera. Experience the drama with her as she recounts her tail of anger, parking and dog fighting.

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Did you ever imagine what the last couple of years would be like? Yeah, so did we. Was it what we envisioned? Er, nope.

Whether it's Covid-19, systemic racism, politics, celebrities or the general public, there's a lot of disappointment in our veins.

Come and share in our woe - it'll be therapeutic. But be warned, this is not an objective show.

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