Episode 36

Twitter is not your diary

Published on: 6th April, 2021

What's up with people posting their entire schedule on social media, as if anyone is interested in when they will be going to the bathroom? Is it because they feel people will be interested or is it because social media is a suitable replacement for the relationship they wish they had with their partner?

In this episode, we discuss the relative merits of talking through the daily drudgery, and how we even got to the point where this became a thing.

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Did you ever imagine what the last couple of years would be like? Yeah, so did we. Was it what we envisioned? Er, nope.

Whether it's Covid-19, war, systemic racism, politics, celebrities or the general public, there's a lot of disappointment in our veins.

Come and share in our woe - it'll be therapeutic. But be warned, this is not an objective show.

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