Episode 6

University Challenge

Published on: 2nd October, 2020

Did you really expect college students not to party and 'mingle'? That's the whole point of fresher's week. And anyway, young people are meant to break the rules.

The question is: is there a sense of camaraderie by being in it all together? Are students really loving the attention?

Maybe they should come back and infect grandma.

That's if you know where the Rona is. Apparently, in the US, campuses are testing sewage samples to identify where the virus is. Ew.

After Paul moans a bit about tuition fees in the UK, Phylecia drops the bombshell that a college education costs more than a kidney.

What you need is a tax break.

Which leads us on to a quick discussion about money, and what it takes to run a business. It would all be easier if we were all rich.

Pay your taxes.

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