Episode 111

Religion and the MCU

Published on: 3rd November, 2022

The UK is under an 'invasion' of immigrants and this is probably the cause of everything, but especially the forthcoming electricity blackouts. They probably brought the blackouts with them. Did they cause Liz Truss to get loose with phone security and make the UK the number one target for the bomb?

Meanwhile, the US has no water so a quick geography lesson is required. Bear with us on the discussion about which way the water flows in the Mississippi River.

We go a bit deeper into the Ye situation and learn how deep this goes into connecting Black conservatives, conspiracies about Jewish people and all sorts of fantastical stories about cultures and religion in general.

It's clear Paul has limited knowledge about religious texts but tries his best to make a relevant comparison to a concept he has a better grasp of (which is not saying much).

SPOILER ALERT: There is an MCU spoiler in this episode.

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