Episode 110

Rishi Sunak & Kanye West

Published on: 26th October, 2022

After a three week break, Paul & Phylecia are back. What did we miss? Well, almost the entire Liz Truss era. Was she set up to fail? Phylecia has a theory.

In this episode, Paul gives a summary of what's happened in the UK. Hold on for the ride - it's fast.

What does having a British Asian prime minister mean for the UK? Does it open the door to the racists? Of course it does. Phlyecia offers some advice for how to handle those that feel compelled to tell you their views at this point.

We talk Kanye West/Ye's viewpoint (spoiler: it ain't pretty) and how he's able to spout his garbage on TV opinion shows. What is a fact? What is not? Are viewers able to tell anymore?

We went away, but humans still exhaust us.

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